Personnel Planning

Effective personnel planning is crucial to the success of your business. Our staff can assist you with the following aspects of that process:

  • Job design
  • Job descriptions
  • Hiring

Job Design

Before hiring, management must define the work to be performed and determine how tasks can be divided into jobs. Assigning tasks to jobs is known as job design. We help clients design jobs in ways that improve employees’ contributions to business success.

Good job design ensures that people and other resources are effectively and efficiently utilized. Job design plays an important role in enhancing motivation level of the employees at the workplace.

Job Descriptions

Typically, job descriptions are used for advertising to fill an open position, determining compensation and as a basis for performance reviews. We help clients write job descriptions which describe the characteristics of the job to be filled. Job descriptions usually include the general tasks and responsibilities of the position, to whom the position reports, qualifications needed by the person in the job and salary range for the position.


We assist in the hiring process by prescreening applicants’ resumes and conducting initial interviews. In prescreening resumes, we look for significant crossover between the applicant’s resume and your requirements. We look for red flags that are unexplained on the resume or in the cover letter, such as the following:

  • employment gaps
  • evidence of decreasing responsibility
  • evidence of a career that has reached a plateau or
  • gone backwards
  • short term employment at several jobs
  • multiple shifts in career path

After reviewing selected resumes against your criteria and each other, we conduct initial interviews with the seemingly qualified candidates. Finally, we schedule your personal interviews with the candidates who pass the initial screen. Please call our office (303–753–8905, 877-344-6079) to begin personnel planning with us.